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A story to tell...

Strangers Emerge


     "Excellent. We have more guests for the festival this year."

    The colorful sails of the unknown visitors billowed while their ships swiftly cut across the surface of the waters. The wooden vessels were adorned with shields and there was no lack of weaponry among the passengers.

     While bloodshed would not be allowed on this festive weekend the duke still had confidence that these warriors could be of great use in his plans.

     Little did he know the Vikings

cared little for kings, and would bring plans of their own...

      The nefarious Duke Von Jon relaxed at his desk within the fortress of Castle Bridge left only to his thoughts of overthrowing the throne. Aiden Black was the current King of all Bluffwoods... and a dalcop, a fopdoodle, and... the dukes brother.

    "Power belongs to those who take it, the throne will be mine!"

     He slammed his fist on the oak table rattling the nearby goblet, and giving pause to his scheming. The interruption  allowed time for a gaze out the window. Unfamiliar ships on the horizon rapidly


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The Characters Within

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Duke Von Jon

Duke Von Jon is a villianous yet charismatic leader always plotting and scheming. He does whats best for the people... as long as it suits his own interests. His fortress is within the lands of Castle Bridge. and he is the host of the annual Bluffwoods Renaissance Festival. He lords over these lands on the eastern side of Bluffwoods. Duke Von Jon's only objective is to be king and he will stop at nothing to do so.


King Aiden Black

As the 3rd rightful King, King Aiden, has brought Bluffwoods into a new era of development and prosperity. His love by his people is matched only by the love of his younger brother Duke Von Jon(Or so he thinks). King Aiden has vowed that Bluffwoods will continue to grow every year and always be better than the last. Long Live The King!

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