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Take a deep breath. Experience the Renaissance.

Our festival will be coming Fall of 2022.

We are very excited to bring the very best of quality festival that we can. That being said, we need time to gather the peasants, knights and nobility to ensure you have the very best experience.

We are not releasing an exact date yet, but we will be having our festival in the fall.

Decadent Food and Drink

We will have a plethora of local merchants with the very best of food. We will also feature traveling vendors who will bring you period specific cuisine to tempt your taste buds.

Acres of Naturally Beautiful Land

Our festival is located on private property just north of the beautiful Bluffwoods Wildlife Reserve. Our site features ornate bridges over waterways, and small pond surrounded by a scenic pathway. In the back of the location is a small lagoon that you may see floating watermelons and other produce; fodder launched from our trebuchet.  The namesake rolling forested bluffs of northwest Missouri overlook the fields of our festival.

The best of Performers and Entertainers

There will be wandering bards aplenty at our festival, as well as other performers and actors. Our main stage also features entertainment acts from open to close.

We are very excited for our main attraction: a knightly joust presented by the nationally acclaimed combat theatre troop, Hanlon-Lees action theatre.   

An Immersive Experience

Our cast of actors are determined to make your experience genuine. The staff will be telling an overall arching storyline throughout the weekend of the festival. Our vendors will also be in themed garb, and will greet you with elizabethan speech.